Book 1 Unit 1


A 6 Lesson FREE INTRODUCTION to the series.



In this 6 Lesson INTRODUCTION to the series, you will learn:

  • What to look for in buying or renting a HARP
  • Sitting comfortably with the instrument
  • Beginning to play, with a relaxed hand position, strong technique
  • Listening for a beautiful TONE
  • TUNING your HARP
  • Landmark Notes – Learning to read a little music, (if you are new to it)
  • The use of brackets
  • Playing with 2 FINGERS, First Exercises and a first Song
  • Playing with 3 FINGERS, More Exercises and more Songs
  • Overlapping Brackets
  • Cross Unders and Overs, 2 finger and 3 finger technique

UNIT ONE SONGS: Happy Birthday!, Paddle, Paddle, Row Your Boat, Daisy Daisy, Are You Sleeping? Au Claire de Lune, Mango For Cara.

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