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Celtic Harp Studies: Book 1, Unit 3

Celtic Harp Studies: Book 1, Unit 3Book 1 — Unit THREE: Lessons 13 – 18

In this 6 Lesson Unit you will develop these new qualities and techniques:

* Left Hand accompaniments, beginning with open 5ths

* New Key Signatures, Key of G Major, D Major and F Major

* Celtic Melodies

* Pure Relaxation with 4 Fingers

* New Time Signatures and Glorious Rhythms

* Octaves and Beautiful Left Hand Patterns

* Key of D minor, and an escape to the Eastern mode


Unit THREE — SONGS: Woodland Elves, Brahms’ Lullabye, Skye Boat Song,

Bach Minuet in G, Greensleeves, Pachelbel Canon Intro, The Song of My Heart,

The Water is Wide, Evening of Roses

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