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Celtic Harp Studies: Book 1, Unit 2

Celtic Harp Studies: Book 1, Unit 2Book 1 — Unit TWO: Lessons 7 – 12

In this 6 Lesson Unit the fundamentals of technique for 3 and 4 FINGERS are strengthened:

* Thirds and Harmonies

* Folk Tunes

* Adding an accompaniment in the Left Hand

* Triads in C Major

* Adding the 4th Finger

* Better TONE and Listening to the “In-Between”

* Smooth Turnarounds

* Contrary Motion between 2 Hands

* Scales in C Major and A minor

*Your First Song! A composition of your own.

Unit TWO — SONGS: Harmony Waltz, My Bonny, Eleven Twelve Thirteen,

Silent Night, Here Comes the Bride, Lavender’s Blue, Los Pollitos,

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